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Hello, 2015.

January 6th, 2015 at 11:13 am by Kaye

As I come into 2015 with my wonderful band-mates, friends and brothers (Matt, Ian and Ali), I reflect back on 2014, not only in our “band-life”, but in my own as well.

2014 was a particularly tough one for me, professionally and personally. I made a lot of difficult decisions, and a lot of bad choices. But through it all, as ever, music was my constant. I feel I grew as a singer and songwriter in 2014. Everyone knows the only thing that’s ever gotten me through the shit is songwriting, so it was good to have that tool of release to use when things got extra tough. All of the projects I’m involved in began to really thrive when things got hard — and isn’t that always the case? Your personal life suffers and inspiration takes hold in a cathartic rush of melancholy and sadness! But everything is now falling into place — the dust is settling — and while I still never know what the hell I’m doing with my life, this feels good to me right now.

As you must know by now because I’ve pretty much shoved it down everyone’s throat, we released our debut LP, This is OK for Now, in 2014 and on December 15th, we released our first official music video for our second single, Underemployed. It premiered on Exclaim, which was awesome (thank you!!), and I’m very happy with how it turned out. I wanted to juxtapose the ideas in the song, with happy, joyous imagery. The song is about the banality of life, the struggle of workplace and personal life today, the constant need for money just to stay afloat, all while feeling as though you’re making it just to spend it… basically, I never know what I’m doing and this song encapsulates that. So I wanted the video to portray what I (and many people) do to make it all worth while — what we do to get through the shit — and that’s listening to some good music, hanging with friends, and having a great party. We filmed it in our jam space (and as you can imagine, the shoot went very late).

So as I venture into 2015, I want to concentrate on music and what makes me feel good, all while surrounding myself with positive people and positive situations. There’s no room for shit anymore. I’d say that’s a pretty good resolution — positive vibes only.

Thank you to everyone who supported us in 2014, who came out to our shows, bought our records online or in person, showed us love, and made us feel like it was all worth while. We hope to bring you even more exciting things in 2015.

Happy New Year from all of us at Persian Rugs!

xx, Kaye

Lots going on in Persian Rugs’ world.

October 14th, 2014 at 9:59 am by Kaye

Hi everyone,

First off, I’d like to say thank you so much to the support we’ve received for our new album, This is OK for Now. It was a labour of love and it’s nice to have a response. We had a lot of our friends turn out for a (very) late release show at the Boat on September 18th — thank you so much for that. Like myself, I know a lot of you had to work the next day but it was so amazing to have so many friendly faces out. A big thank you to Keith Hamilton for doing the sound (I could actually fucking hear myself for once) and to my lovely, talented friends Wanderbirds for playing, along with our friends The Disraelis for stepping in last minute to support as well. You can also check out some pictures by the talented Lori Steuart here: Release Pictures! *word on the street is Lori might be taking some new band photos for us, so stay tuned!

Now, moving on…

We are playing a lot in the next little while, so mark up your calendars!

First up, we’re playing TWiMFeST on October 24th at the Gladstone! This is an awesome new festival that deserves attention — it pays its artists and also has a no radius clause (all you bands will understand why that is important). We’ve never played the Gladstone and I’m very excited. Check out more info here!

We will then be opening for Allo Darlin’ as they make the rounds on their tour, which we are VERY excited about. That show is November 4th (which is Matt’s birthday too!) and it is happening at the Drake. This should be a wild night, so bring your drinking hats and make sure you’ve got your hangover pills on hand the next morning.

Matt and Ian will then be DJing as Black Postcards at the Embassy on November 6th (they do this the first Thursday of every month — it is always really fun and while my appearances are limited due to work, you never know when you might see me too)!

Finally, we’ll be playing a festival and DJing in Oshawa on the 7th and we’d love to see all you Oshawa-dwellers out for that (more details as soon as we know them).

HEY! I noticed we’ve made our way up to 492 likes on Facebook. We’re almost to 500 and that means so much — keep ‘em coming because it does help us.

Lastly, some of you know we filmed a music video this summer and I have been hard at work editing the huge amount of footage we got. The video is going to be really cool and it’s something I think we’ll all be proud of. It is a video for our second single, Underemployed. The song is about the trivialities of being “underemployed” and feeling as though you’re making money just to lose it, but for the video, I really wanted to encompass the things that get you through that kind of struggle — friends, drinks and a lot of fun. It’s about getting by and enjoying life, something I’m learning about myself right now. Here’s a little picture preview:

Thanks again for all your support — we’re excited about what the fall is going to bring.

Keep smiling,
xx K

When I was young…

September 2nd, 2014 at 7:00 am by Kaye

When I was young,
I saw something more
Than books and school
When I was young

Many years ago, I decided that I wanted to perform. This dream is never easy, as an “artist’s life” is never easy. There is no money. There is a lot of criticism. There is a lot of turmoil. There is going to be a lot of hard times. There will be fights. There will be a lot of anger.

But in creating art, we’re able to put a little part of ourselves into something, whether it’s a song, a performance, a story, a painting, a dance… and you hope that that piece of work conveys your feelings to another person. When I write the lyrics to a song, I want to literally take myself in the moment, what I am feeling, and dump it into a song. The reason I do this is usually selfish: it is cathartic to write songs, and I almost always write songs when I am super-charged. It’s how I deal with shit.

After a failed stint at acting, I dove into music. You can read about how the other Rugs and I met and how I was welcomed into this band in this post here, but a year into it, I was set. I loved that I finally felt free when I was performing, and finally, after many years, had some semblance of how to actually write the lyrics and melody for a song. The guys — Ian, Matt and Ali — they all made me better. They were patient while I found my confidence. They helped me learn how to write songs. They allowed me to pretend I was a competent keyboardist (I am not). And through all that, Persian Rugs grew into something that is very special to me.

Persian Rugs has seen a lot of hard times the past three years as we wrote and recorded our album. Everyone has been asking us, what’s the delay? Where’s the album? But we’re doing this all on our own dime and time, and without any label support, it can be difficult. There were times when I was worried the album was never going to come. And through all this, we all went through our own personal shit. And I kept dumping that personal shit into the songs, as I’m sure the rest of the Rugs did. And then, miraculously, the album was finished this summer. And it felt extremely satisfying.

As I listen to these songs we have made, I want to cringe sometimes because I’ve written things that are so deeply personal, they instantly take me right back to the place I was in when I wrote them. I usually write songs when I can’t process what I’m going through. And from all that, I’ve moved on. So I don’t cringe; I am proud of us for making something very real and true. And I hope that when people listen, they don’t necessarily hear our stories, but that they hear their own stories conveyed in what we’ve done.

We have to thank: Ryan Haslett, Jay Lemak and Jason Richer for recording us. We have to thank Thomas D’arcy, Jay Lemak and Adam Trozzolo for mixing. We have to thank Brandon Hocura and Mark Murray for mastering at Polyphasic Studios.

And mostly, I have to thank Ian, Matt and Ali for allowing me to do this with them, for working so hard on something that’s so special to us, and for being on this wild ride with me.

So, sit back, and listen to the sounds of Persian Rugs on This is OK for Now.